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At VERTICE we realize that many companies that say they’re “recycling” are really just focused on collection and recovery of materials for outsourced reprocessing.

From the beginning, the VERTICE Industries Team has always had a different vision about how we want to service the industries and our clients.

We understand the recycling business will continually evolve with new recovery and conversionprocesses but we feel that the general ability to acquire, process and recover metals, plastics, resins, polymers and parts internally are essential to being an actual recycling company.

As new uses and recycling processes are engineered, discovered and developed – we’ll continue to add and expand our services and recycling abilities to meet these progressive challenges as the industry grows.

Appliance Recycling / White Goods

VERTICE Industries serves large retail markets located in the Midwest who are looking to properly recover, renew, resource and reuse parts or dispose of their used recovered appliances. This of course, also requires an excellent accountable and accurate quick reimbursement program.

Our clients tell us it is our excellent service that sets us apart from other recycling vendors. We make it easy and seamless for you to manage your used appliance programs by being involved and having control of each stage of the process from beginning to end.

We understand the challenges and required security of keeping stock safe from scrap-metal seekers, and our experience in the industry has led us to implement systems that reduce theft, including using in-house reliable transport of materials.

 From the moment we pick up a shipment of used appliances from your site, there is no need to worry about shipping details; our programs and systems manage the appliance count and delivery program with compliance and accurate reporting.

Our internal logistics and transportation services allow us to also pick-up scheduled shipments from our large chain-stores who have several store locations throughout the Midwest providing control and reliability in our client’s appliance recovery programs.

Our team is EPA certified and up to date on recycling procedures, ensuring the use of industry best practices. At VERTICE Industries you can be assured that our environment-friendly recycling processes will correctly dispose of waste materials and products.

VERTICE has a recovery appliances program for most retail store appliance Product Recycling:

• Refrigerators
• Freezers
• Dish Washers
• Laundry Units (washers and dryers)
• Furnaces, Gas and Electric Appliances, Ranges, Cook Tops, Water Heaters,Water Softeners, Humidifiers, Water Coolers, Air Purifiers, Space Heaters, Air Conditioners, Microwaves, Mini-Refrigerators

Partner with Vertice Industries for all of your appliance recycling needs.

With twenty plus years of experience in the appliance recycling industry, we are a team you can trust.

Disclaimer: VERTICE Industries is not a drop-off used appliance recycling site. We do not accept or buy used appliances from individuals.

Plastics –
PA, PP, PE, PS, PET & Foam – EPS

Plastic and foam recycling is an evolving part of the recycling industry. Margins can be thin when offering these services and it’s integral for companies that offer recovery and reprocessing services for Plastics and Foam recycling services to provide in-house operations.

It’s critical that when offering recovery, separation and reprocessing of plastics that most of these services are offered in-house. This includes regrinding and melting services for uniformity of materials for manufacturersreuse in parts and molding.

VERTICE Industries provides expanded internal Plastics and Foam recovery operations services. Eliminating third-party outsourcing assures maximization of recovery and profits for our clients and controls the quality and compliance purity of the recovered plastic and foam materials.

At VERTICE, our Plastics and Foam recycling operations are comprehensive and we have the corporate vision to look towards the future, so we can add abilities, new methods and processes as they are discovered and developed.

Categories of Recycled Plastics:-

• Nylon
• Polypropylene
• Polyethylene
• Polyester
• Polystyrene

Corrugated Cardboard - OCC

Yes, VERTICE recovers and reprocesses corrugated and cardboard products. Our logistics fleet can schedule a regular pick-up of the waste discarded materials from a timetable scheduled to meet your preferred timeline.

Our corrugated recovery programs accommodate bundled or loose cardboard retrieval and our internal operations allow us to internally reprocess and bulk bail prepared and ready for use within the paper industry.

We follow strict accepted standard operating practices and meet or exceed all industry and EPA required regulatory and reporting requirements in our corrugated operations, services and product pick-up and end-use disposition.

At VERTICE Industries we understand that it’s important when offering a recycling service in a vertical category like corrugated to follow all the steps.This includes meeting and exceeding industry required compliance and regulations to call oneself full service. 

Auto Industry Related Bi-Product

Many of the materials and products that are recycled at VERTICE Industries are repurposed and reused as Auto Industry Related Bi-Products. The materials we recover are reprocessed to a higher more defined specialized purity level, specifically to meet the requirements and standards for the auto industry.

VERTICE is the total turn-key solution for auto industryrelated recycled recoverable materials.

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We continue to evolve as the recycling industry grows and changes. We understand the importance of accurate reporting and strict compliance in our operations and for our clients.

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