At VERTICE Industries, our view of modern recycling is forward thinking. We’re offering a total solutions approach that moves the industry in a more modern direction.

Our strategy is to focus on going beyond just the collection of recycled materials. We feel the nucleus of modern recycling operations shouldn’t just be recovery of reusable materials but instead should transcend into a consistent expanded strategy of finding and promoting more productive methods to reuse these recovered materials and the bi-products.

We feel that it’s imperative when offering total recycling services as “EXPERTS – THE RIGHT WAY” – requires the ability to process collected materials into reusable formats internally. This insures the highest standards in quality control of materials recycled and processed for reuse.

We Challenge Ourselves – We Challenge Our Industry

We think it’s important to encourage and challenge ourselves, our industry, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs and visionary minds in engineering to continue to search for creative and practical ways to efficiently reuse recycled materials. To discover new waysand uses for recovered materials to be utilizedin waysthat have not even been considered yet, for the good of our industries, communities and planet earth.

From precious metals and parts to industrial plastic recovery and all the recycling services in between, VERTICE INDUSTRIES offers total comprehensive recycling programs.

We have become leaders in the industry because we’re willing to evolve, while ensuring environmental and regulatory compliance and maximizing our customer’s volume recovery and recycling profit returns.

At VERTICE we’re also committed to “clean recycling and recovery” efforts – it makes no sense, for a recycling company in the conversion of waste material to create more pollution or additional waste when products are recovered and reprocessed for recycled uses.

Our Diverse Services are Total Turn-Key Single Source Solutions:

• Packing Material Recovery & Reuse
• Parts Recovery
• Nylon & Polypropylene – HDPE, LDPE, PET & EPS
• Clean – Grind – Melt – Reform
• National Full-Service Logistics – including In-House Tractor & Trailer Fleet
• Comprehensive Reporting & Compliance Programs

Indianapolis turn-key recycling services

VERTICE INDUSTRIES Indianapolis, Indiana is strategically located in the heart of the Midwest and is perfectly positioned geographically and logistically.

Our operations are one of the most advanced turn-key recycling facilities in the Nation and our location is within 24-hour driving distance of 70% of the continental United States.

National Logistics Capabilities

VERTICE LOGISTIC’S capabilities can be integrated into any client’s recycling program for both cost savings and material recovery efficiency strategies.

Our National fleet of tractors and trailers and our bilingual dispatch allows us to manage total control capability for our clients recycling needs and programs.

Controlling your recycling and recovery logistic processes minimizes losses due to breakage and theft and allows control over logistic scheduling, pick-up and delivery.

General Areas of Recycling Categories & Abilities

• Plastics – (PA, PP, PE & PET)
• Foam – EPS
• OCC Corrugated Cardboard
• White Goods
• Appliance Parts & Renewal
• Auto Industry Related Bi-Product
• Recycling & Recovery

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You’re Only Experts When You Can Deliver Accurate and Complete
Comprehensive Reporting and Compliance Programs

VERTICE INDUSTRIES was established and founded by managing partners that come from professional backgrounds including CPA Accounting, Law and Compliance Specialists.

They identified a growth industry that lacked professionalism with the desire to provide recycling services that are dedicated to the betterment of this industry.

One of the most important and biggest needs were strict environmental compliance and accurate specialized customer reporting – Providing accuracy and accountability with each client’s recycling and recovery programs.

Every VERTICE Corporate client has a tailored reporting program, administered by industry professional experts – This assures the accuracy of product resources pick-up and delivery criteria, maximizing recovery profits.




(317) 965-2604


801 N. Madison Avenue,
Greenwood, IN 46142

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