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scrapmetalVertice Industries sells a variety of scrap metals extracted from large household appliances at competitive prices. We are a respected appliance recycler working with large retailers locally and in the Midwest. Our customers dispose of thousands of used appliances each year, and they rely on our many years of experience and excellent service to take care of their unwanted goods. From this large supply of recycled appliance stock, we extract useful materials for resale. The variety, quality and volume of appliances we recycle give us a huge supply of quality scrap metals, including both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. For our largest customers, we also handle their plastics, foams and cardboards, giving us a wide assortment of recyclables in our warehouses. We are EPA certified and keep our recycling processes up to date; all our materials have been correctly retrieved from their sources without causing further damage to the environment. Our long years of experience in the industry gives us the knowledge to price our scrap metals fairly and comparatively with the current market. Buying scrap metals from us means peace-of-mind for you, knowing your materials have been extracted safely and correctly, and have been acquired legally. Contact us to schedule a visit to our warehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana to see and select from our array of scrap metals and Let’s talk scrap, give us a call at (317) 965-2604.

Our available stock includes the following materials:

  • ferrous metals (sheet iron, cast iron, stainless steel, plate and structural steel, etc.)
  • copper
  • brass
  • insulated copper wire
  • aluminum alloys
  • magnesium
  • chrome
  • cardboards
  • foams
  • plastics

With twenty plus years of experience in scrap metals recycling processes, Vertice Industries is a partner you can trust.

Disclaimer: Vertice Industries is not a scrap metal drop-off site. We sell scrap materials to vendors and do not accept or buy scrap metals from individuals.




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